8 Practical Tips for Choosing Kids Shoes ...


Choosing shoes for children can be a bit of a nightmare, as any parent will know frome experience!

It´s so important that your kids have the right shoes for their growing feet, in order to avoid problems later in life.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when choosing shoes for children.

So to avoid expensive mistakes, here are some practical tips for choosing kids shoes …

1. Check Regularly

Of all the tips for choosing kids shoes, the most important is to check your child´s feet regularly, so that you know when they need a new pair.

Kids may not be able to explain that their shoes don´t fit any more, so watch for signs of wearing or sore patches.

2. Have a Fitting in Each Store

As an adult, you´ve probably noticed that your clothing size can vary depending on the store.

It´s the same with children´s shoes.

So when choosing shoes for children, always have their feet measured in each store where they try shoes on, and don´t assume that they´ll take the same size as in another store.

3. Time of Day

You´ve probably read that when you go shoe shopping, it´s best to go later in the day.

This is because your feet swell during the day, so if you go earlier you may buy shoes that are too tight.

The same thing is true for kids, so leave the shoe shopping trip until later in the day.

4. Comfort

When we were younger, we didn´t thank our parents for choosing comfortable and sensible shoes for us.

Neither will your kids.

They probably won´t even realise when they´re older that you did them a favour.

But always opt for comfort over fashion – feet need to be looked after, especially when they´re growing.

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