47 AWESOME Kids Crafts Your Little One Will Love ...


If you have little ones at home, it really pays to have some kids crafts you can do with them.

Not only do arts and crafts projects promote several areas of your child's development, but they also give you both something fun to do together when days at home get boring.

Check out these really fun kids crafts and you'll have so much to do you won't know where to start.

1. Soup Can Bird Feeders

Soup Can Bird Feeders

Via Kids

This is one of the most creative kids crafts I've found.

Paint some empty aluminum cans, add a stick and hang your bird feeder with some pretty ribbon.2

2. Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Via Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

All you need to create this cute little guys is a slightly flattened toilet paper tube, some craft paper and eyes and you're good to go.2

3. Weaving with a Hula Hoop

Weaving with a Hula Hoop

Via Weaving with a hulla hoop ...

Use a hula hoop and some fabric scraps to create these masterpieces.

4. Handprint Crab

Handprint Crab

Via For the Family

For really little ones, dip their hands in red paint and turn them into cute little crabs.

5. Yarn Wrapped Letters

Yarn Wrapped Letters

Via Yarn Wrapped Letters {Classic Kids ...

A cardboard letter and some brightly colored is all you need for these adorable monograms.

6. Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Via A Very Unique Way To ...

7. Christmas Footprint

Christmas Footprint

Via Kid projects

Just a dash of paint and your child's feet and you have this cute this display for the winter holidays.

8. Hand Print Sun

Hand Print Sun

Via Baby crafts

This craft looks really great where ever you hang it, but it's so easy to make.

9. Crayon Candle

Crayon Candle

Via Lesson Plans & Lattes: Ten ...

Use up all those bits and pieces of crayon by piling them in a jar and melting them in the sun.

Add a wick for a really pretty homemade candle.

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