5 Interesting Pets to Consider for Your Kids...


At some point in their lives your children will come to you and ask for a pet...and yes they will keep asking until they get one!

But what if you live in the city and don't have room for a dog or live in an apartment where dogs and cats are not allowed?2

Even if you live in an ideal place for a dog, your kids might not be ready for the responsibility of a pet like that.

Guest blogger Jane Warren from Pamper the Petsis here with us today to share 5 Interesting Pets to Consider for Your Kids, some you may not have thought about...

5 Great Pets You Might Not Have Considered...

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. -Colette2

Perhaps no image is more iconic than that of a child and his dog.

Children and animals are natural companions, and your child can learn much from having a furry, feathery or scaly friend.

Although dogs are the quintessential childhood pet and children's first pets are often hamsters or gerbils, there are several other excellent pet options for children that you might not have even considered.

These 5 pets are relatively low maintenance, safe for most children and can be great substitutes for dogs and other maintenance-intensive pets.

1. Chinchillas...

Chinchillas are medium-sized rodents that look like fat squirrels.

Friendly, inquisitive and highly social, they are excellent choices for children who love furry animals but who can't get a dog.

They require little daily maintenance, but love spending time out of their cages.

With careful socialization, they can bond strongly with their owners.

Parents should note that chinchillas need large cages and can be messy, but a few minutes each day with a vacuum will eliminate dust, bedding and other messes shed from your chinchilla's cage.

Guinea Pigs...
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