7 Important Things Students Are Not Taught in High School ...


In high school, students are taught many important things that deal with education but there are other important things students are not taught that deal with real life.

When a student leaves high school, they’re 18 years old and technically an adult but they lack the knowledge of a few things that play a major role in being an adult.

So here is a list of things students are not taught in high school that you need to make sure you or your child knows.

1. What Are Taxes?

Taxes are one of those mandatory things;

everyone who has a job has to pay the government taxes.

In high school, you learned about the American Revolutionary War, and the high taxes the colonists were forced to pay the King, but you were never really taught what taxes are, or why you have to pay them.2

You are just expected to start paying them as soon as you get a job, and to know how to fill out your tax forms.

I still have problems with filling out my tax forms today!

Not knowing what taxes are is one of the most important things students are not taught in high school.

2. How to do Taxes

Along with not knowing what taxes are, you also do not learn how to do your taxes.

How do you expect to do taxes if you’re never taught what they are?

This is one of the greatest mysteries.

I have never done my taxes before.

This may sound bad, but my father does them for me.

Granted he does them on Turbo Tax, so it is easy to just plug in the information and file them.

The real question is ,how do you know when to file them?

Some high school students get part-time jobs and make enough money that they should file their taxes but don’t know how or where to start.

So in the end, they don’t file them at all when they should.

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