7 Important Perks of Public Schooling ...


There are several important perks of public schooling that make sending your son or daughter to one absolutely the right decision!

Of course, a private education has notable benefits, but so does a public education.

If you’re deciding between private and public school options, consider these important perks of public schooling.

1. Diversity

In my opinion, one of the most important perks of public schooling is the amount of diversity.

Unlike in private schools, public schools host a variety of students.

Students from varying socio-economic backgrounds and, consequently, different racial backgrounds fill the school.

Although there are students of every type in private schools, it's easier for students to meet others different from them in public school.

It's important for your son or daughter to meet people from all different lifestyles in order to receive a well-rounded education.

2. Exposure

Due to the level of diversity in public schools, students will be exposed to various cultures and different walks of life.2

This is important to build up more tolerant and understanding citizens of the future.

Without exposure to the beautiful differences in the world, your child may grow up to be unintentionally ignorant of the global culture they live in, simply due to underexposure.

3. Freedom

While private schools have many benefits, public schools almost always trump private schools in terms of freedom.2

From the way students can dress to availability of extracurricular activities, students experience more freedom in public schools.

4. Money Saver

While private education is certainly worth some extra cost, you should primarily concern yourself with saving for college as college tuition rises each year.

Since there is a free option for K-12 education, but no free option for college, it is probably wiser to save during your child's youth to support them as well as you can during college.

To conserve money for the future, public school is a great option.

Students may receive an education equal to those of their private counterparts for no cost at all.

Extracurricular Opportunities
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