9 Great Reasons to Wait to Have Kids ...

When it comes to reasons to wait to have kids, everybody has an opinion. And if you are looking for reasons to wait to have children, you are not alone. How long you wait is a tricky one – there is never really the perfect time and if you take too much time, it might be too late. It’s all about the right time for you, and if you think that your 20s and 30s are too soon, here are some great reasons to wait to have kids.

1. Finances

This is one of the biggest reasons to wait to have kids – money. Kids cost a lifetime’s worth of money. And to put it in perspective for those who don’t have kids yet, imagine owning and running a top of the range convertible, brand new out the showroom. That is pretty much how much each kid is going to cost you – and there are no cutting corners; you couldn’t get out the driveway with only 3 wheels on your Mercedes. When you are older you tend to be more financially established, which helps.