9 Girl Power Messages to Teach Your Daughter ...


When you have a daughter, girl power messages will give her a strong foundation and help her face any battles that come her way.

With bullying starting at younger ages and Mean Girl Syndrome alive and well, it's important to foster strength, fortitude, independence, and self-confidence in all children as soon as possible.

Because girls still get a harder lot in life in many ways, it's even more essential to arm her with helpful, strong girl power messages before she heads out into the world.

1. To Look for What's inside

Looking for what's inside is one of the best girl power messages to teach your daughter.

Expand on the “never judge a book by its cover” theme.

Teach her that true beauty exists on the inside, a philosophy that applies to the people she will encounter in her life and to herself.

Let her know that some of the most wonderful things in life are hidden from the eye, whether it's a valuable trait in a person or an adventure waiting to be taken.

2. That Beauty Comes in Many Forms

In much the same vein, teach your daughter that in spite of what society says, there is no perfect ideal of beauty.

Let lesson one be the notion that true beauty comes from within, and that a gorgeous person with a cruel personality or bad attitude isn't pretty at all.

Teach her to embrace people's differences as well, and to see the beauty in those who aren't like her.

By always looking deeper and redefining beauty for herself, her life experiences will be so much richer.

3. That Mean Girls Never Win

Let your daughter know that liars never prosper, cheaters never win, and mean girls never make real friends.

Stress the importance of kindness, compassion, tolerance, and general niceness.

She doesn't need to become a Regina George, and she never needs to blindly follow the crowd just to be popular.

That She Can do Anything
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