7 Fun Ways to Get Girls Interested in Science ...


While young women are now far more strongly encouraged to seek scientific careers than was often true in the past, some parents may still need help finding ways to get girls interested in science.

Luckily, one of my closest female friends, a professor of engineering, was more than happy to share a few of her own favorite suggestions.

Check out these seven simple ways to get girls interested in science, and then have fun giving them a try on your own!3

1. Conduct Simple Science Experiments

By far one of the simplest ways to get girls interested in science is to conduct experiments at home.

My friend loved creating homemade volcanoes and bottle rockets, and she suggests that parents find children’s library books featuring similar projects that are easy to do.

Girls will come to view science as a field that is both fun and educational.2

2. Take Her to Work

Do you or someone you know work in a science-related field, such as engineering or medicine?

Arrange for your daughter to spend a day observing and learning all about it.

Consider arranging age-appropriate activities she can assist with throughout the day, and also allow her to sit in on meetings or conference calls whenever possible.

Going to work with her dad definitely helped inspire my friend to consider a wide range of career options, and it just might do the same for others.

3. Head Outdoors

Staring at a young age, take your daughter outside and let her observe the plants, rocks, dirt and more that fill the world around her.

Hikes and walks will help introduce her to the workings of nature and also encourage a healthy, physically fit lifestyle.

Have a garden at home?

Encourage your daughter to help out there, as well, observing how things grow.

Make Household Chores Educational
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