10 Fun Easter Baskets for Kids of All Ages ...


Easter is like a mini Christmas in spring.

It's so much fun for kids to wake up and see what the bunny left for them and I think it's even more fun as a parent to be the bunny!

However, just like playing Santa, playing the bunny can get stressful and hard to figure out.

If you're stumped on ideas for this Easter, here's some pre-made baskets you can check out to satisfy your kids and yourself.

1. Super Hero Gift Basket

Star Wars, toy, play, action figure, games,

$49.99 at amazon.com

Most any little boy aged 4-10 will probably love this basket.

It's filled with any hero they could probably imagine at this age and actually has stuff that won't go to waste in 5 minutes or less!

Bonus: minimal candy!

2. Artsy Gift Basket

play, product, toy, food, educational toy,

$52.61 at amazon.com

I don't care if you're 2 or 22, this basket is awesome!

Who doesn't love coloring?!

Paint, chalk, coloring books, playdoh, games, and more, this box has what your artistic child needs no matter if they're big or small.

3. Princess Basket

product, toy, play,

$58.99 at amazon.com

Your little princess will go crazy over this.2

The perfect mix of everything girly, they'll have a blast transforming themselves into a princess with all the jewelry and accessories this basket includes.

4. Trolls Basket

gift basket, toy, product, play, food,

$29.99 at amazon.com

My girls love Trolls so this would be the most epic basket they've ever received.

While it may seem small, it's loaded with goodies that are irresistible to children, such as, bubbles, candy, and a mini doll.

5. Finding Dory Basket

Finding Nemo, product, toy, play, FINDING,

$31.16 at amazon.com

Another one that's great for boys and girls of any age, it's filled with goodies no kid can resist.

This also has minimal candy which is great for the parents looking to nix candy this holiday season.2

6. Movie Night Basket

Sour Patch Kids, Popcorn, food, gift basket, product,

$16.99 at amazon.com

Kids young and young at heart, will love this movie night basket because it's filled with classic faves from the theater.

Just toss in a movie they enjoy and let them go to town on this.

Make it a family affair and get one for everyone to enjoy together!

Just for Kids Basket
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