8 Best Lessons to Teach Your Daughter That She'll Never Forget ...


As a parent, you have many important life lessons to teach your daughter.

The world has changed a lot since our grandmothers, and even our mothers, were young.

They have lived very different lives from those our daughters will lead, and today's youngsters have many challenges ahead of them Here are some of the essential lessons to teach your daughter …

1. To Be Kind

Teach her to be kind and offer help whenever she can.2

It feels good to make others feel good and you benefit from feeling just as good if not better on the inside.

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2. To Value Herself

One of the most important lessons to teach your daughter is that she must value herself and her body.

She should feel that she is worth achieving good things.

As for sex, many girls don't have the self-confidence to say no to pressure.

So teach your daughter that she should only have sex when she is completely ready, and she should avoid sending revealing pictures of herself to anyone.

3. Financial Independence

Another really important lesson is to teach your daughter that it is essential to be capable of earning her own living.

Financial independence means that she need never wonder where the rent is coming from or depend on a man.2

Help her learn about every aspect of money matters, and she will be better placed to cope with life's challenges.2

4. Intelligence over Looks

In these times where girls are bombarded with messages that try to sexualise them, it's essential that we try to explain to our daughters that they don't have to buy in to that message.

Show them that their minds are a lot more important and will take them further in life.

Intelligence lasts a lot longer than looks.

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