7 Ways to Beat the 'First Day of School' Blues ...


The first day of school is a traumatic time for children and their mothers..

It is a good idea to make some preparations for the days leading up to the first day of school so that both you and your child are well prepared for the big day.

Here are 7 ways to beat the first day of school blues.

1. Adjust Your Child’s Sleep Schedule to Match the School Timings

A number of toddlers get used to sleeping and waking up late by the time they are 2 years old.

Unfortunately this sleep schedule will not suit them when they start school.

It is a good idea to adjust your child’s sleep schedule for at least a week before he starts school so that his temperament is not affected on the big day.

2. Take Your Child out Shopping for School Supplies

Build excitement around the prospect of going to school by taking your child shopping for school supplies.

Take him to buy his school bag and school clothes.

Get him his own set of crayons and schoolbooks.

It will build his anticipation for school in a positive way and make him start looking forward to it.

3. Label Everything and Get Your Child to Join

Similar to the earlier point, get your child to participate in the labeling activities prior to joining school.2

Everything your child takes to school has to be labeled with his name so get started on this task and encourage your child to help you.

4. Pack a Change of Clothes in the School Bag in Case of Any Accidents

No matter how toilet trained your child is, accidents can always happen.

Packing a change of clothes and a spare diaper is a good idea just in case your child is unable to control himself.

If your child is not toilet trained, then a spare change is essential.

Make Sure He or She Gets a Good Breakfast
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