2. You Want to Be a Hero in Your Community

Maybe your friends have adopted children. Maybe your church advocates for adoption. Or, perhaps your charity-minded pursuits have dwindled, and so you’re looking to do something colossal to get people’s attention again. Please go rescue a puppy. Organize a fundraiser. Plan a walk-a-thon. I would urge you not to adopt a child for the sake of your charitable reputation. We all want to be heroes.

What you’ll discover when you adopt a child is that your new growing family will be the ones in need of community heroes the most. You’ll need guidance, encouragement, and kindness. It’s a lovely thing to be a part of that kind of community, but it takes a humble heart to understand you’ll likely be the recipient of that kind of support as an adoptive family. Have no worries. Some day your child will look back and thank you, but it’ll be that very child and the life you’ve built for which you’re thankful, not some fleeting accolade from your friends or neighbors.

Babies and International Children Are Cute
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