7 Wonderful Classic Toys This Generation Doesn't Appreciate ...

Blame it on social media and the technologically-dependent world we’re living in, but it’s a sad truth that this generation of youth won’t likely come to appreciate the classic toys of yesteryear. While every generation will likely have a toy fad, the Tickle Me Elmo or Tamagotchi that has kids pleading with parents to buy, these 7 classic toys have survived decades of play well beyond a passing trend. Let’s revisit them and maybe, just maybe introduce them to a child who needs a little less technology and a little more good old fashioned play time.

1. Etch a Sketch

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The original Etch a Sketch found its way to American children in 1960. With one knob controlling the vertical movement and one knob controlling the horizontal movement, children were able to create lined art on what was hailed as a “magic screen.” And with a quick shake, the aluminum powdered art beneath the screen vanished away. If you're looking to draw up some creativity when it comes to classic toys for your children, you can still find reproductions of the Etch a Sketch design in retail stores.

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