5. Your Options Are Limited

For many women like myself, not have options means suffocating on an internal level. As a recent college graduate, the sky is the limit. While I am 26 years old there is so much more for me to accomplish and I personally know that having kids would put a massive limit on those options. You often times cannot pick up and move, splurge on that trendy handbag once it goes on sale or finally take that long weekend trip with your new bae.

If you want to keep your options open and be able to take an impromptu trip to the Caribbean to go snorkeling, there is no shame in that!

All in all, there is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to make the most of her life without it involving runny noses and dirty diapers. So the next time one of your friends asks โ€œWhen are you going to have kids?โ€, feel free to ask them how much they spent on diapers the first year their child was born. When your Aunt Sally asks when you're going to make her a great aunt, feel free to ask her for a ledger of a bank account since the day your cousins were born.

You are entitled to feel the way you feel about now having children. Stick to your guns, ladies!

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