2. You Know Yourself Better than Others Know You

You know who you are. You know that one little thing that irritates you beyond belief that you are not able to tell anyone for fear that they will stick you in the looney bin. Maybe it is when someone drinks the last of something and leaves the container in the fridge.

Maybe it is having to go out on a rainy Saturday when all you want to do is curl up with a good book and a coffee. Maybe it is having to listen to cartoons rather than watching a much-needed episode of How To Get Away With Murder. While it may be hard to hear your mother talk about how much she would like to be a grandparent before she croaks, maybe that task is better left to your siblings. Being selfish and opting to not have kids beats being a parent that is constantly irritated and resentful of a child that did not ask to be born in the first place.

Being a Single Parent is ALWAYS on the Table
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