4. Avoiding Allergies

Is your child constantly bothered by itchy irritated eyes, unexplained welts or hives, or the most alarmingβ€”sudden difficulty breathing?

Your child may have allergies. Some allergies may be merely bothersome to your child. But children with severe allergies may suffer life-threatening consequences.

(Parents who have their child suffering from difficulty breathing should, of course, call 911 at the time of the child’s distress.

After seeing a doctor, the child may be prescribed medication for emergency use, such as an epi-pen.)

In any case, parents who suspect their child may have allergies or have a family history of such may want to have allergy testing performed on their child.

Additionally, the parents may want to keep a close eye on possible triggers that may affect their child. Common triggers include pollen or peanuts.

Luckily for concerned parents, there is a great online resource. For a longer list of triggers, more resources on allergies, and even a search tool for nearby allergists see: acaai.org

Stranger Danger
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