5. I Am Supposed to Copy You on Some Things but Not Others

This is a big one that a lot of parents do not understand. Your child has instincts and one of them is to copy the people (and animals) that they are surrounded by.

We keep this instinct right up to the day we die, which is why we operate so well in herds, why we are so easily influenced by the actions of others, and why things such as mirroring happens with body language when people talk. Your child cannot understand how and why he or she is driven to copy you, and he or she certainly cannot understand why he or she should copy you on some things and not others. When dealing with your child you really have to act in the way you want your child to act. Your child, especially at a young age, will soak up every bad habit you have and every negative thing you do and copy it either now or in the future.

This Rule is a Certain Rule and is Unbreakable…wait a Minute!
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