7. Seek Help

If you notice after a death in the family that your childโ€™s behavior is changing for the worst, e.g. they are constantly moody, are terrified to be alone, or have trouble sleeping, then reach out and ask them how they are feeling.

However, according to Parents.com, โ€œ...if a child is totally immobilized over an extended period of time, it would be wise to get professional help.โ€ Sometimes seeking help is the best way to help your child if you feel like youโ€™ve run out of options. Go to counseling together, in the beginning, if your child doesnโ€™t feel comfortable going on their own. Then after a few sessions, and if they are ready, allow the psychologist to speak with your child alone.

Have you had to figure out ways to talk to your kids about death recently? What are some things you talked to your children about when a loved one passed away?

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