2. Clothing Options

Offer your child the option of choosing his own clothes the night before. That way, he won’t feel rushed, which can lead to him giving up on trying. If his clothes are right for the season or the even (a playdate vs. school, for example), guide him to several choices, and let him pick one of those. When he becomes more adept at understanding how to choose his clothes, he’ll become more excited about doing it

. Remember how excited he was the first time he used the potty on his own? He will get the same satisfaction the first time he chooses his own clothes to wear. Just remember to make him feel good about it! As for the times he’s choosing his pj’s or clothes just to wear around the house, let his imagination lead the way without interference from you. After all, this choice can be changed at a moment’s notice, and it helps your child to understand his sense of style.

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