7. Reward Them

Good behavior always needs encouragement from parents. So make sure you do that when your kid eats all the veggies on the plate or asks for a second helping. Give them a paper crown to wear or you could have a star chart and after every five stars they collect for eating veggies, they can have a special treat. But make sure you reward them when they eat a proper helping of veggies. Eating one piece of carrot really doesn’t count you know!

Making sure our children eat well and eat healthy is probably one the biggest challenges all of us face as parents. But it is important to keep at it and try and try and try, despite all the frustration and hair-pulling out moments! So keep in mind all the different ways to make veggies fun for your kid and mealtimes should become less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone! If you have any fun tips and tricks to make veggies fun for kids, we’d love to hear them!

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