2. Stay on Track

Does your child despise math? Would it be more possible to get her to eat her Brussel sprouts than to do the math workbook? Sometimes, children feel that homework is just another word for busy work. They don't see the building block effect that homework has on their life that once you mastered one level, the foundation for the next has been built, which is the foundation for the next.

All they know sometimes, is that it either doesn't make sense or they feel they don't need to know it. Instead of giving them the lecture on why it's important to know the capitals of all of the states, keep it simple. Explain these are the building blocks for the things they want to do in their life. Ask them what they would like to do, and help them to understand how the information they know now will get them to where they want to be. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy selfishness as a good motivator for your child!

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