7. The Slow Wakeup

Having your child get the sleep she needs isn’t always easy. Between homework, laptop games, books, and general night owl-nish, not getting your child to sleep on time at night can cause us to let them sleep as long as possible in the morning. However, this can often lead to the hustle of getting the morning routine from A-Z done in 5 minutes or less. This can be stressful on everyone's part.

Instead, work daily towards getting your child to bed 1/2 hour earlier, and up 1/2 hour earlier. Use that extra time to (gasp) chat at the breakfast table, finish watching the movie from the night before, or play with the dog or cat. Having some extra time in the morning for relaxation can lead to a day and a life of less stress for everyone.

Mornings can be a happy time, not just something the rest of your day needs to overcome. What are some of the best ideas you have for waking up your child in a positive way?

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