7. Breastfeeding Helps Babies Bond with Mom

According to the Mayo Clinic, breastfeeding at all, but

especially exclusively for the first six months, can greatly reduce the risk of SIDS but please note there is no scientific evidence linking SIDS and breastfeeding. There is no reason for moms who didn't breastfeed and lost their darling to SIDS to imagine that if they had breastfed, baby would still be with us. The causes of SIDS are unknown and the link between SIDS and breastfeeding is still the subject of scientific research

. However, breastfeeding is the ultimate bonding experience for mom and baby. Skin-on-skin contact is ideal while breastfeeding! A healthy relationship fosters security, trust, and above all, good health for you and your little one!

Have you heard the saying “breast is best”? It’s true; breastfeeding is the best gift you can give your baby! If your baby is bottle fed, that doesn’t mean your baby isn’t healthy. Not all mothers can breastfeed! But if you can, then go for it! Your baby and your body will benefit from breastfeeding. Have you considered breastfeeding your baby?

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