5. Plan a Baby-Friendly Itinerary

Gone are the days when you could sip a martini by the pool the whole day or walk around in the local markets for hours on end when on vacation! With an infant, you need to plan your holiday so that it doesn’t tax your little one too much. So don’t plan to visit three museums in three days. Your baby will definitely not appreciate being tied down in a pram and being pushed around hallways endlessly

! And as attractive and addictive as local markets and shopping malls are, try not to spend all day in shops. Your baby needs regular naps and play time. Go to a nearby park or back to your hotel if you can in the middle of the day. Plan your day that allows your little one to take a break every few hours. It’ll help keep the baby less cranky and that’ll keep everyone in a happy mood and that is a sure shot way of enjoying a vacation right?

Stick to Familiar Bedtime Routines
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