3. Cabin Baggage Allowance is All for the Baby

Now that you’re travelling with a baby, you need to remember that the cabin baggage you carry is all about that little person. And yes, it is surprising how much stuff is needed for such a tiny human! Avoid carrying books to read and bulky headphones. You’re not going to get a chance to sit back and relax anyway!

Flights can be boring for an infant and so you need to be well prepared to entertain. Carry your baby’s favorite toys and books and bring them out one by one so that the baby is kept busy for longer. You also need to be well stocked with favorite finger foods and drinks for a yummy kind of distraction! And of course, always carry several sets of clothes and extra diapers. You don’t want to chance the baby spilling juice all over and then not having a change of clothes do you?

Try to Book Baby-Friendly Accommodation
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