9 Tips on How to Stay Sane as a New Mom ...

My tips for how to stay sane as a new mom aren’t just for new moms. Any mom can have days where she feels like she may be going crazy. So these tips can be applied whether you just had your first baby or have been a mom for 10 years! Here are my tips for how to stay sane as a new mom, please read below!

1. Get out of the House

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How to stay sane as a new mom isn't easy but it will come with time. Don’t sit around in your house all day waiting for it to happen! The walls will likely start to close in on you. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air, different scenery, and other people, even if they are strangers and you don’t speak to them. Bundle the baby up, and go for a short walk around the block. Or go grab a few groceries, or return your overdue books to the library. Just get out of the house!

2. Talk to Other Moms

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You’re not the only one to go through whatever you might be facing. Talk with other moms who have been there and done that. It’s nice to get some encouragement or advice for whatever difficulty you may be facing. Just having friends who have things in common with you will lift your spirits and give you a much-needed laugh on a bad day!

3. Visit the Gym

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Visiting the gym has multiple benefits for new mommies. You get to bust a sweat, burn off the baby weight, and release stress and hormones that are pent up. Try to choose a gym that offers childcare so you can workout undistracted. Other options for working out include jogging strollers, brisk walking while wearing your baby in a baby carrier, or home workout videos while your little one naps.

4. Get Dressed and Fix Your Hair

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It doesn’t matter if you plan to go somewhere or not, make the effort to put on some clothes and brush your hair and teeth. Feeling put together will help you to feel a little saner. Plus, if you need to rush out the door at the last minute or if someone drops by unexpectedly, you won’t look quite so caught off guard!

5. Eat Real Food

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Nothing can make you feel as crummy as stuffing your body full of junk food and sweets. When you have no energy, don’t reach for sugar. Put real food in your body! You will feel better, be able to keep up with your little one’s demands, have better looking skin and hair, and if you’re breastfeeding, you will be getting all the nutrients your baby needs!

6. Don’t Feel Bad for Having a Sitter

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Let’s face it; there are times you just need to get away. Having a break is a wonderful thing for mommies, because it gives their minds and bodies a rest. You can pause, reset, and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. Whether you need a nap, a pedicure, a date, or would just like to grocery shop or watch a movie without interruptions, grab a sitter for a few hours a week and get some “you” time!

7. Take a Nap

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Sleep is usually a coveted thing for a new mommy! Even moms who have been at it for quite some time will not typically turn down the chance to grab a snooze! On days that you can squeeze it in, nap when the baby naps. Don’t feel bad or guilty, you need to stay sane! Get rest when you can, you’ll feel better for it.

8. Have a Good Cry

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It’s no secret that your hormones are going kind of crazy after giving birth. Don’t expect them to become regular for at least a good three months, and if you get back on birth control, it may take a little longer than that! You can make it though; just one day at a time. Some days will be worse than others, and so just have a good cry! Let it out, vent to a friend or sob into a pillow. You will feel better afterwards, and be able to get through the rest of the day!

9. Love Your Baby

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The best cure for insanity as a new mom is to love your baby. For all the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, spit-soaked shirts, and hours of crying, there is a toothless grin, an adorable laugh, a hand curled around your finger, and sweet baby snuggles to make up for it. Skin on skin contact is a great way to calm you both down, and to help you really put things in perspective!

Being a mom is a wonderful gift, and something to cherish! However, it’s easy to lose focus, especially with hormones that follow after giving birth. These tips can help you keep things in perspective if you start to feel like you’re losing it! What are your tips for new moms?

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