6. Spend Time with Them Even when You Don’t ‘need to’

Instead of trying to get the errands done as quickly as possible with a backseat filled with chatterboxes, how about finding ways to lose track of time and get them done with as much fun as possible? The dishes, lawn mowing, and bills can wait. You’ll have them for the rest of your life.

These times with your children will go by in a blink and a half. Make them count even if you can’t make them last. Why not ask them a question which might spur a conversation? It could take a few tries, but once you hit on a subject that catches their attention (do you think fish talk, what would you change your name to if it could be anything, where would you like to visit more than any other place in the world), you are on the way to a lifetime of talks with your kidlets.

Ask Their Opinion and Advice
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