4. Be Minimal

Don't throw a huge pile of greens on a kid's plate and expect them to clean their plate if they think greens look nasty. Just give them a tablespoon full. My dad had a rule around our house that seemed "cruel" to some people, but now, at 23, I can see he was very wise in what he done. Sweets were a "take it or leave it" food, but main meal contents weren't.

We were required to eat at least a tablespoon of everything served, even the things we didn't like. A tablespoon is equivalent to a good bite full. At the time, I hated it, but, because of constantly eating things I didn't care for, I developed a taste for them, and now greens and sweet potatoes is something I eat on my own, without the rule applying. One website I read did say that it can take up to about 10 tries for a child to develop a taste for something, but it is possible.

Be Kind
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