7. The Sibling Dilemma

I call this one the sibling dilemma because it truly is a heart-wrenching dilemma within families. Many children grow up complaining that their older siblings bullied them whether verbally, physically or both their entire childhood and unfortunately this is rampant amongst brothers. As a parent this is a very sticky situation being that you don’t want to be accused of having favorites, and finding out the truth during each altercation is near impossible. What matters is that you show your children equal amounts of reward, punishment, respect and love. If there’s a fight in your home between siblings it doesn’t matter who or what started it, both children get punished.

When you child is bullying others at school, they usually learn their behavior from someone else, in most cases an older, jealous sibling. You can prevent this but showcasing each of your children’s talents and qualities and never playing favorites. Emphasizing the fact that younger siblings look up to the older ones for advice and protection may help cultivate a newer, healthier perspective in your home.

There is no perfect solution when your child is bullying others, and studies show that despite all the turmoil that may exist now, children eventually grow out of these phases - but never unscathed. It’s really crucial that you demonstrate good behavior and take steps sooner rather than later to help your child and consequently other children and their families. Have you ever encountered your child bullying others? Has your child ever been the victim of bullying? What steps did you take, if any, to help your child in school and at home? Feel free to share!

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