6. Take Disciplinary Action

One of the best things you can do when your child is bullying others is closely monitor their behavior as much as possible at home. You can’t really control what happens in the classroom because you’re not there, but when they are under your supervision, in your home - it is up to YOU what the is the result of good and bad behavior.

No one is saying you weren’t doing this before you found out your child was bullying others at school, but it is essential to continue to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior when they occur. We all have busy lives, but it’s also important to be there for your children as much as possible during this crucial growing period in their lives. I know this is old and cheesy but try keeping a chart with stickers and keep track of your child’s progress or use something you know they value to anchor your disciplinary tactics. Once again make sure your spouse does the same so your child doesn’t get confused.

The Sibling Dilemma
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