5. Lead by Example

I’m sure we can all think of times in our lives when we’ve seen an adult act like a 2 year old and we can all agree it has not been a pretty sight to see. Something vital you can start doing when your child is bullying others is to aim to lead by example. And encourage your spouse to do the same! Whether we like it or not, children tend to imitate what they see at home;

after all most young children consider their parents their biggest role models. So always practice civil and respectable behavior among your children. If they see you reacting in a terse, brash and overtly physical manner, chances are later on they will aim to do the same, especially in school among their peer group. So think about your child the next time you want to scream or yell on the road at another drive (this is the worst!) or at the grocer in your local supermarket. Nothing can be so terrible that it necessitates screaming and hollering, especially in front of your children.

Take Disciplinary Action
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