4. Talk It out

With violence constantly inundating the media, when your child is bullying others it is hard to prevent them from acting out physically. The first step to dealing with a child who bullies others using force, is to continue to express the importance of talking things out. As silly as it sounds when I was in elementary school we had a song, and believe it or not I still remember it to this day because they made us sing it all the time!

Here it is: Talk it out, talk it out, put your hands in your pocket talk it out, there’s no need to hit, scream or shout, talk it out, talk it out, talk it out. Now as you can tell that little ditty stuck with me for life! And it worked many times especially when the teachers added the little clap, clap, clap in between each line. Moreover, teaching your child how to rationally express their regular disagreements, opinions and problems may even help halt them from bullying before they even start.

Lead by Example
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