9 Tips for Cloth Diapering Mamas to Remember ...

Here are a few tips for cloth diapering moms, whether you are new to the scene or you have been at it for years. Cloth diapering is a very frugal and green option so if you are caught between using disposables or cloth, do your research before making a decision! Below are my top tips for cloth diapering if you are about to get started!

1. Be Careful Where You Buy

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One of my top tips for cloth diapering is to be extremely careful where you purchase your cloth diapers. Sites like eBay can be a bad choice since you may get stuck with cheaply made diapers that are leaky and non-absorbent. Choose name brands and only buy a few to start with when trying a new brand. That way you will know if the brand will work for you!

2. Use YouTube as a Resource

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YouTube is an exceptional resource that has been used for many things in the past, so why not cloth diapering? On YouTube, you will find tips for everything from technique, to how to make your own diaper from a receiving blanket! Take advantage of the info you find out there, and experiment until you find what works for you and your family.

3. Don’t Use Diaper Creams

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Diaper creams are a big no-no when it comes to cloth diapers. They cause build-up and stench in cloth diapers. If your baby has a rash, you can either use disposables for a week or two until the rash is gone, or you can use diaper creams made especially for cloth diapers, sold anywhere cloth diapers are sold.

4. Make Your Own Wipes

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When you use cloth diapers, using disposable wipes can be a little bit of a hassle. So use cloth wipes too, and make your life a little easier! All you need to do is put the extra baby washcloths you have that you never use in a wipe container. Dampen them down with a mixture of water, baby oil, and baby soap. You can toss the wipes in the wash with the diapers, easy as 1-2-3!

5. Join Co-Ops

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Having the money to purchase cloth diapers in all sizes may be unrealistic for you right now, since cloth diapers can be a little pricey initially. They do save money in the long run though! Join diaper swap co-ops where you can buy new and used cloth diapers for a fraction of the normal price! You can find co-ops online or through Facebook.

6. Clean Your Diapers Well

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It’s not recommended to use bleach for cloth diapers, but you can add half a cup of lemon juice to each wash cycle! This helps with odor removal and stains. Laying out your diapers in the sun for an hour to dry will also help with stains! If you breastfeed your baby, your chances of having stains in your baby’s diapers will lessen since breastfed babies have water-soluble bowel movements.

7. Do Lots of Research

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Cloth diapering is much easier now than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. That’s because technology has advanced. There are so many different types and styles of cloth diapers available now! Do as much research as you can on the subject since knowledge is power. Inform yourself and be aware of all your options so you can choose the best possible cloth diaper for your family, lifestyle, and daily needs.

8. Make Extra Space

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Cloth diapers take up a little more space than disposables since they are fluffy. For this reason, you may need to go a size up in your baby’s onesies or loosen your car seat straps a tad. Be sure and reserve extra room in your diaper bag too, because cloth diapers don’t fold up as thin and compact as disposable diapers.

9. Have Fun with It

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Many people think that cloth diapering is a lot of work and very boring. This is not the case! It’s not much more work than using disposables, and you can have much more fun with cloth diapers than you can with disposables! Cloth diapers come in many fun patterns and there is an array of cute diaper covers available!

Do you use cloth diapers? If so, please comment below with all your tips and tricks! Do you find cloth diapering to be easier or harder than you had imagined? Share your story below and thanks for reading!

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