7 Things You Need to Know about Recovering from a C-section ...

Recovering from a C-section is something that you may not know much about. C-sections occur for different reasons. Sometimes a C-section is planned and sometimes it is the result of an emergency situation. I hope I can offer you some information on what to expect when you are recovering from a C-section.

1. Moving is Key

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Moving when you are recovering from a C-section is going to be the last thing that you want to do however, it is one of the best things that you can do. You do generally need to be very still for a period of hours after a C-section. After that, your doctor and nurses will advise you on how much you should be moving. It is important to move as they instruct you to and gradually increase that amount as permitted. Not moving will result in increased pain and soreness.

2. Beware the Gas Pains

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Gas pains can truly be the worst part of having a C-section. I have had two C-sections and I can honestly say that the pain from gas was worse than that of my incision in one delivery and equal to the pain of the incision in the other delivery. However, each woman is different. Gas pains are quite common after a C-section, though. There are a few options to help but you mostly have to allow your body to get through it naturally.

3. You Have Had Major Surgery

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Don’t kid yourself, here. A C-section is major surgery. Yes, you delivered a baby but you went through a surgical process to do so. Don’t minimize what you have been through. Give your body the time it needs to truly recover from surgery.

4. You May Feel Cheated

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You may feel cheated out of having the delivery that you expected to have if you had a C-section. This is a very normal emotion for a new mom to feel after delivering by a C-section. You may have gone through childbirth classes to prepare and feel they were wasted. I remember feeling this emotion with my first child who was delivered by C-section. Try to come to the point where you appreciate that having a baby is more important than how they arrived.

5. Your Recovery Will Be Slower

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If you expect to bounce back as quickly as moms that didn't go through a C-section, you are going to be disappointed. Recovery is slower and generally more painful with a C-section. You will bounce back but it will likely take some time. Just like with other surgeries, your body has to heal. It is best not to rush the recovery process and let your body do its job.

6. Your Scar Can Feel Itchy then Numb

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Your scar goes through several different phases as it is healing. Initially you will have stitches, staples or both. You will have pain at your incision site. As the incision begins to heal, you will probably feel some itching. After it does heal, you can expect it to feel numb for a longer period of time, perhaps several months.

7. You May Need Help when You Get Home

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While all new moms can use some help while they recover, a mom that has delivered by C-section may need a little more. It may be best to plan for dad to be home for a few days or to have a friend or family member arrange to stay with you until you are a little stronger. Also, you will be thankful later if you allow yourself to accept offers of help such as having meals delivered or help with errands. Later on, you may have the chance to do the same thing for other new moms.

Recovering from a C-section is different. What concerns do you have? Was this article helpful in addressing them?

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