7. Laugh More Often

Life with a toddler is draining and tiring. But on the other hand it can be so funny. I have lived with my niece in the same house from the day she was born until a couple of months ago, so I’ve probably seen more of my niece than most aunts do. I am very grateful for that because we have developed a strong and loving bond. But seriously, if it’s one thing this girl has brought me, it is laughter. She is just hilarious and she reminds me how important it is to laugh and have fun. The other day in a waiting room, she was looking at this painting. She stood up and said, well, that didn’t really work out.

I mean come on, she is two and a half years old, this kid is hilarious. One last example of this proud aunty. My mom and I were shopping with my niece. She was told we would get some ice cream later on. Then she started to act out a little so my mom told her we would skip the ice cream if she continued this behavior. In all seriousness, she looks at my mom and tells her, grandma what kind of silliness is that? ! Chloé honey, you brighten my day and taught me the importance of laughter.

I often see children as blank canvases, which will get painted throughout life. It is our responsibility as adults to make the most beautiful painting we can. But while teaching your toddler the ways of life, please don’t forget to also let them teach you. What do you think your toddler has taught you?

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