4. Selfishness

While selfishness is a negative trait, being selfish doesn’t always have to bad. For example I’ve come a long way in not putting everyone else’s needs before mine. I had to learn it’s okay to be selfish every now and then. In this case selfishness may be more of self-preservation, which is really important if you want to stay happy in your own skin.

I’ve come to realize this is something a lot of adults struggle with, whereas toddlers on the other hand, not so much. The thing with babies is, they have a few simple needs which need to be met in order for them to be happy. They’ve learnt to cry if they need something and not one baby is ashamed of asking for his needs to be met. Luckily for our toddlers, they haven’t lost this special skill yet. A very valuable lesson from our little ones if you ask me.

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