7 Things That Are Okay to do during Pregnancy ...

If you are pregnant, you are probably quite aware of the laundry list of things that you aren't allowed to do over this 9 month period; however, don't think that you aren't allowed to enjoy anything, because there are actually several things that are okay to do during pregnancy. While skydiving and eating sushi are things that definitely need to be shelved until post-baby, here's a look at some of the things that are okay to do during pregnancy.

1. Exercise

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Not only is exercise one of the things that are okay to do during pregnancy, but it is actually recommended by obstetricians. So many women are under the illusion that they should sit in a box and not move during this delicate state, but that's simply not the case. No, you shouldn't take up boxing or practice your gymnastics skills while you're pregnant, but there are tons of exercises that you can safely participate in. Walking, swimming, yoga and even dancing are all low-intensity workouts that will get your blood pumping and help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body quicker.

2. Drink Coffee

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When you're great aunt tells you that you can't have a cup of coffee, tell her this news from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Small amounts of caffeine (200 mg and under) is just fine during pregnancy. That means you can have about 1 cup of coffee, 4 cups of tea and about 16 mugs of hot cocoa (if you really like hot cocoa).

3. Go Away

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Wish you could take a relaxing trip before your baby is born? Well, you can - and now is the perfect time to do it, before your little one arrives. It is perfectly safe to travel during pregnancy. While it's not the best idea the closer you are to your due date, during your first and second trimesters, traveling is absolutely fine.

4. Eat Cold Cuts

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Cold cuts are top on the no-no list of so many women during pregnancy. That is because these deli meats can potentially contain listeria, which won't harm you, but could harm the baby. While you shouldn't eat a bologna sandwich everyday, you can have one once in a while - just heat up the meat first until it is steaming in order to kill any bacteria.

5. Eat Fish

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One of the oldest items on that pregnancy no-no list is eating fish. I love fish, so when I became pregnant, I was bummed that I wasn't going to be able to eat it. However, when my OB said it was just fine to eat fish in moderation, I was delighted. That's the key: moderation. I enjoyed salmon, flounder, cod and even tuna once in a while during my pregnancy and my 3-year-old is perfectly healthy.

6. Get a Massage

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Pregnancy can be stressful. Between the strain on your body, the wild hormones and getting ready for little one's arrival, you can certainly feel the tension build. A massage is a great way to relieve that tension, and it's perfectly fine to while you are pregnant; just make sure you are treated by someone who specializes in prenatal massage.

7. Have Sex

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Some women don't feel too randy while they are pregnant, but others feel even more randy then they normally do, thanks to a surge in hormones. If you are in the mood to have sex while you're pregnant, go ahead and enjoy. It's usually even more enjoyable now, thanks to excess blood flow to your lady regions. It also helps to alleviate stress and is a great way for you and your partner to connect.

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed all of these things, and my baby was born perfectly healthy - and he still is. Are you pregnant? Is there anything you can add to this list?

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