7 Things That All Babies Love to Play with That Aren't Toys ...

When you have a one-year-old, you start to take note of the things that all babies love to play with, and most of them aren’t even toys. You would be amazed if you watched my son, by how many light up noise makers that he will pass up to play with regular old household items. That’s not all: there are some things that all babies love to play with over the toys that you would buy them at Toys R Us. Here is my list of those items.

1. Measuring Spoons

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That’s right, measuring spoons - they are one of the everyday things that all babies love to play with, especially if they're on a ring. You would think that the baby keys on a ring would be chosen over measuring spoons... but you would be wrong. I don’t know why babies like them, but I do know you can buy a set at the dollar store for less than a ring of baby keys.

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