5. They Aren’t Little Anymore

Ok, ok, of all the reasons why teenagers suck, the biggest reason of all has probably got to be the fact that they aren’t little anymore. They are just that much closer to being grown and that alone is a very scary thought for any parent. It means that one day they will be gone. One day they won’t live with you anymore. One day everything will be different. The baby birds will have flown away and the nest will be empty.

Guess that could also mean butt naked pool parties, but the reality is everything will simply be different. They may call (when they need something).

They might visit from time to time (probably to wash clothes and steal groceries) but they will be grown and for that they totally suck.

Solution: Again, it’s all about the memories you make together. You have to trust that you raised them right and that they will always remember how much you loved and sacrificed for them. One day they may be parents as well and it will be at that point that they truly realize just what it took to get them to where they are. Love them and hold on to them for as long as you can, but continue to encourage their independence and uniqueness because that’s what parents do.

So what are some of the reasons your teens suck? There are a ton of them so tell me all about it. Who knows, one day they may be saying the same things about your grandkids.

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