3. Set Boundaries, Create Liberty

This is where many homes lag and from here the kids are lost or built. There should be boundaries of acceptable behavior for each age and the kids should know that these areas are no-go areas, non-negotiable for the family principle. Time to sleep, time to play, time to read, time for school work, time for friends and time to be home for some ages. Time to cook and keep the house, how it should be done and who is responsible for it. Time to get a driver’s license and time to own some certain things. There should be time for family exercise and recreation. Things that will make or mar the future of the kids should be decisively dished out.

While we also take a stern stand on certain things, we must create liberty. The best place kids learn to express themselves is at home. They learn to talk, relate, respect and express their feelings and there is no better place to learn this than their homes. These should be done without fear and reservation. This is the time to build the confidence of your kids and you are the best friends they can have. If you can achieve this, you will go a long way toward securing their future because you are likely to be communicated with when they are about to make those choices that destroy their future. Don’t let distance take this away from them. As the kids become older, it gets easy to provide remote parenting but it must be done.

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