7. Spoiling

Just like the daughter who was the favorite, spoiling is a characteristic of bad parenting. Giving a child anything they want whenever they want it makes them spoiled. They will become uncontrollable and when they get older, they will be horrible to live with and deal with for anyone who is around. It's hard on the child, too.. .

they won't understand why, in real life, they're not given everything they want at the asking. This is another difficult subject to broach, but again, the parents may not realize they're doing it, and might appreciate some gentle advice.

Bad parenting is becoming more of an issue lately, isn't it? If you see signs of abuse, step in and say something. It may be hard, but a parent who is abusing their child needs to be stopped, and the child will be thankful that you stepped in. What are some other things that you consider bad parenting?

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