7 Super Kid-Friendly Restaurant Chains You'll Feel Right at Home in ...

My family vacations tend to be road trips, so knowing great kid-friendly restaurant chains is ideal because we know there will be a place to eat no matter where we happen to be. Dining out with kids is always an adventure, but finding restaurants that cater to the younger crowd can make it a little easier on everyone. Luckily, many kid-friendly restaurant chains have locations all over the country, so you wonโ€™t be hard pressed to find a place you know you can all enjoy as a family. Here are my top choices, but feel free to offer up your own.

1. Dennyโ€™s

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Dennyโ€™s has to be one of the most kid-friendly restaurant chains around. There are loads of menu options to please any childโ€™s preferences and the prices are sure to please mom and dad. And the ambiance is very โ€œdinerโ€ which means families are welcomed and appreciated. Some Dennyโ€™s even offer toys with the kidsโ€™ meals. There are locations all over the place so finding one is easy. Something about Dennyโ€™s makes me reminisce about my childhood road trips.

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