2. Travelling (in General)

Ah, this happened in our recent trip from the Philippines to China. Twin B was just so uncomfortable in the three-hour flight that for most of the duration of the journey, she was crying. I am not talking about low, pitiful whimpering. Imagine long screams that can shatter your eardrums. Oh, the annoyed faces of our fellow passengers.

No amount of pacifier, milk or hush-hush baby talk was enough to appease her. Then my husband recommended we stand up and stay at the rear end of the plane, where we spent the rest of our flight talking to two stewardees. I wonder if they should be giving us a refund for those seats we paid for…but then again, the twins gave the entire plane the most dream-busting sound of all time so we may just be charged for something, rather than getting our money back.

Dining in Restaurants
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