9 Strange Pregnancy Cravings and What They Mean ...

Strange pregnancy cravings make for funny anecdotes, but they're also riddles. When you have weird cravings during pregnancy, your body's trying to tell you something. You may need more of a certain mineral or less of something else. Of course, you may also simply find the taste of pickles and chocolate ice cream really tasty. Still, it's a good idea to do some research and even talk to your doctor when you experience strange pregnancy cravings. Take a look at these and see if any of them sound familiar!

1. Chocolate on Everything

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Many strange pregnancy cravings are still quite common, including the craving for chocolate. In fact, craving chocolate in and of itself isn't that weird at all. Some women, however, want chocolate over everything. They crave chocolate over potato chips and pizza, chocolate poured over their burritos or eaten with spaghetti noodles. As long as you moderate your chocolate, that's okay. If you find your craving for chocolate is insatiable, your body may be craving calcium instead, so it's definitely worth asking.

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