5. Co-Sleeping is Also Good

Though some experts will tell you it isn't safe, studies have shown that back in time, when breastfeeding and co-sleeping were the only way of life known, SIDS was probably unheard of. Why? Because when baby is sleeping next to it's mother, it's sleep pattern mirrors hers, and being near it's mother, the baby is aroused more easily, and tends to nurse more frequently, thus reducing it's risk to SIDS.

SIDS did not start really appearing until bottles and cribs became the thing to do. It's also been noticed that SIDS has reduced since 1992 when breastfeeding and co-sleeping began to once again gain popularity. So, don't let your doctor discourage co-sleeping too quickly. Carefully weigh out your pros and cons and make a decision based on what you feel will be right for you and your baby. And remember, nature has given mothers the unique ability to know where their baby is even while they're sleeping. Just be sure not to place them too near Daddy, as he doesn't have this same awareness.

Sleep Positioners
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