2. All about Position

From what I've read, it used to be considered safer for a baby to sleep on their belly rather than on their back. Now, that has been reversed. And in between those two decisions, they decided that a side sleeping position was better! I personally don't know, but I do know that every baby is different and will quickly let you know what they prefer. My sister in law, who's baby is now 8 months old, couldn't get him to sleep on his back for anything! He had to have his belly.

I've heard some doctors advise against side sleeping, but my first child wouldn't sleep any other way. Every baby is different, so it's your job as a mother to make them comfortable and just keep a close check on them. If your baby is a back sleeper, it is a good idea to provide lots of tummy time when awake to prevent a flat head. If your baby prefers to sleep on his side, be sure to rotate sides to keep one side from flattening more than the other. And if they must sleep on their tummy, make sure to lay them down with their face facing different directions each time.

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