7 Simple Things You Should do for Yourself That Benefit Your Children ...

There are some simple things you should do for yourself that will also benefit your children. Part of being a truly good mom is taking care of yourself. You can’t give the best of you if you don’t have it to give. These are some things you should do for yourself that will also make you a better mom.

1. Eat Healthy

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There are many reasons to eat healthy. It makes us feel and look better. It gives us a better chance at good health. It also helps us be a better mom so our children are benefiting, too. Mom being in good health and feeling good is a benefit to the whole family, which is why it is one of the things you should do for yourself.

2. Workout

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Going hand in hand with eating healthy is working out. Working out is beneficial to your children in several ways. First of all, it helps you to be healthy and feel good. Secondly, it sets a good example to take care of yourself. You are modeling good habits.

3. Model Good Self-Esteem

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Having good self-esteem is important for more than just yourself. It also has a big impact on your children. If your children grow up and observe that your self-esteem is bad, they are more than likely going to have poor self-esteem, too. You don’t want that for your children; none of us do. If you feel you struggle with having good self-esteem, this is something you should work on.

4. Read

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I believe one of the best things you can do as a mom is be a reader. Not only will it give you new knowledge and enjoyment, but it is a good example for your children. When your children see you reading and enjoying reading, they will learn that reading is a wonderful thing. They will be anxious to read, too. Reading will equal enjoyment to them because of your example.

5. Be Proactive about Your Health

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Our children need us. They need us now and for many years to come. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health in every way that you can. Eating healthy and working out are part of that. Being proactive and keeping checkups and other doctor appointments are another.

6. Have a Good Relationship with Their Grandparents

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Children can really benefit from having a relationship with their grandparents. And in order for them to have a good relationship with them, you really need to have one, too. When you have your own children, it can help to soothe any past wounds you have in your relationship with your parents. It is almost as if you can unite in love for your children. And that is a beautiful thing.

7. Nurture Your Marriage

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I truly think that one of the best things parents can do for their children is to take care of their marriage. Your marriage is something that can give your children a strong and stable home. I have been single and married as a parent and you can certainly be a good mother in both situations. But it is always good if it can work between Mom and Dad. Do what you can to help your marriage succeed.

These are 7 things you can do for yourself that also benefit your children but this is certainly not an exhaustive list. What would you add to this list? I am anxious to read your thoughts on this subject.

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