Signs 💟☮️ You're Ready 👍🏼 to Be a Parent 👩‍👧 for Girls Facing Motherhood 🍼👶🏻 ...

Parenting is tough! As a mother of two, I never really knew what it took to be a mom until I became one. You hear the horror stories, you get advice, and you read the books, but you're always second guessing if this impending baby was the right choice. Now you don't have to! Thanks to, here's the ultimate list of signs that let's you know if you're ready to face parenthood or not. Granted, these aren't the be all end all signs you're ready to be a parent, but it's always good to reference these if you're facing it so you don't have to second guess and you can make the right decision for you and the baby!

1. You've Checked a Few Things off Your Bucket List

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Frankly, there's no "perfect" time to have a baby. If you play the waiting game, there will always be that next promotion to wait for, or that next house, or that next career change. There will always be a reason to put off having a kid. But if you've gotten to do some traveling and you've taken some career risks already to the point where you feel pretty content, that's a great spot to be in pre-kid. You can handle spending money on diapers instead of your dream car, or on new baby clothes instead of a new TV (maybe because you already bought these things, or maybe because they're just not important to you anymore).

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