5. You Plan to Move to a Foreign Country in the Future

People have all different rhymes and reasons for immigrating to a foreign country. In today’s world, leading economic global powers often require parents to pick up and move to another country on a moment’s notice at the mercy of their fickle employer.

So if this happens to you, this is all the more reason to raise your children to be bilingual even though it may be an inevitable outcome nonetheless. Moreover some employers notify their employees that for example, they will be opening up a new flagship office in Dubai in about 5 years and you will need to move there with your family to manage it. Clearly you should use those 5 years to make sure your children are well versed in the Arabic spoken in Dubai, this will make the transition a lot smoother, not to mention add to your children’s notable language abilities!

You Plan to Travel a Lot with Your Children in the Future
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