3. Objective and Practical Application

A parent teaching their own child (let’s assume it’s mom) means that she relates to her child as a teacher the same way she relates to him/her as a mom. She molds the child as a parent, now she gets to mold that young mind as a teacher. She hears the child as her kiddie, not as a student; she has the same ears. The student will not be heard as he/she would be by an objective teacher

. That’s not taking into account her life experience. What if she were useless at math at school? Or history? Home schooling by an untrained parent is not desirable. Toss in a stressed mother that never gets a break from motherhood except when the child is tucked in for the night, and you’ve got an unhealthy mix. This is not even touching on how the environment of home schooling may facilitate abuse; where is the counselor for the child to go to for help? Again, I'm sure there are exceptions to this.

Assessing the Student
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